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Thomas Devlin supported his education as a meat-cutter. He also received generous assistance from his older brothers and sisters. While Tom attended Tufts Medical School, members of the Devlin family contracted tuberculosis and were denied medical care at area hospitals. Tom was deeply moved as he watched them die in a shed built in the backyard. This social injustice challenged his dedication to his education and sparked his perseverance. In spite of his age, he was motivated to serve his country as a naval surgeon. He later returned to his community to practice general and family medicine, serving all who needed him.

While interning at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Tom met his future bride, Edwina Hill Connolly. Tom later wrote of her, "She was a friendly woman with a contagious smile who magnetized people. There was always a kitchen full of friends seeking help and counsel from her. She would often precede me to a house until I could get there. Her manner was one of understanding and compassion."

Edwina's devoted assistance enhanced his practice and enabled him to also serve as County Medical Examiner, plant doctor for Atlantic Gelatin, and Town Physician.

The Town honored Dr. Devlin with a testimonial dinner, in recognition of his extraordinary, life-long community service and his elevation to Knight Commander in the Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope John XXIII.

The proceeds from this event, and subsequent contributions, provided the financial foundation for the Devlin Medical Scholarship Fund. Grant aid is derived solely from the interest on investment and the generous contributions of members of the community.

In 2010, the organization honored the lives of Dr. Thomas P. and Edwina H. Devlin
with a 50 year celebration of support for local medical and nursing education.


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